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“JUZZA LORRY” Campaign Roots For Maternal And Health Care Equipment In Busoga Region

“JUZZA LORRY” campaign roots for maternal and health care equipment in Busoga region

IGANGA– Unlike the first edition of the “Juzza lorry” campaign that extended a helping hand to the vulnerable people at IMVEPI refugee settlement camp found in the north – east of Terego district.

This time around, the fundraising drive is headed towards Iganga in eastern part of  Uganda and will focus on Maternal and Child health care equipment for Busowobi, Health Centre  (III)  on  December 15, 2021.

Speaking to www.theinformerug,  Joshua Okino, Executive Director,  Outcast Activist Forum said that they will  run a three- year project in Busoga region since the child birth and  neonatal deaths in the region are very high.

He also added they want to provide sanitary pads and other items for the teenage mothers and adolescent girls who are facing serious challenges to handle their periods since most of them are out of the  school due to the situation brought about by the COVID- 19 pandemic.

Okino pointed out that  although Uganda has registered tremendous progress in the health sector, maternal and child health continues to pose challenges for the entire country, noting that  the situation in busoga sub-region is even worse compared to national averages.

He also cited that  national neonatal mortality stands at 27 deaths per 1,000 live births but in the busoga region it is slightly higher.
Philbert Kagangure Mwebembezi,  Media and Public Relations manager, Outcast Activist Forum empthasized  that they are sharing togetherness with the new born-children  and their mothers with early  Christmas goodies such as  health care, food items and home care diet education in busoga region especially at a time when delivery of essential health services has been derailed by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Additionally , the average national infant mortality is 43 deaths per 1000 live births while in the busoga region it is 53 deaths out of 1000 live births. Maternal health figures indicate that while 336 mothers out of 100,000 live births die annually due to childbirth complications and for  the region it’s  448 mothers.

Further more , over 25% of mothers who die in busoga sub-region from bleeding complications occasioned by long distance journeys to health facilities, inadequate health workers, limited access to medical materials among others.

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