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Background of OAF

Outcast Activists Forum (OAF) is a grassroot network of activists currently functioning in Uganda with its physical address and head office located at Plot 182 Kaduyu Road Off Kyambogo Lane Kiwatule – Ntinda ,stretching across the regions and the continent. A Non-Profit, Non-Political and Non- Sectarian formed in January 2020 and certified on 5th , August 2020
Outcast Activists Forum (OAF-U) was founded by a group of like minded people with an aim to bring about a positive social change through its programs and policies, advocacy, engagements with other civil, non civil societies and activists. spotlighting and aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals

Outcast ; Vulnerable/Marginalized Groups in the communities/societies.

Activists; individuals advocating, intervening, impeding on social, political, economic, environmental reforms with the desire to make changes in society toward a perceived greater good.

Forum; Opportunity for discussion under one umbrella.

Slogan: “Amplifying voices, enriching communities” Represents the voices of the marginalized, vulnerable and less privileged groups and the weak.

Registration status

 OAF was established in January 2020 and incorporated in August 2020 as a grassroots network of activists and likeminded people with an aim to bring about social change through empowering the community in the fight for gender equality, youth inclusion on the issues of social justice, women empowerment, the fight against poverty, unemployment, teenage marriages a pregnancies, address human rights-related abuses, environmental protection and revive the need for child education and com drug abuse and alcoholism.

OAF slogan “Amplifying voices, Enriching communities” represents the voices of the people in the nationwide suburbs, communities with several cases of unwanted pregnancies in adolescents, early child marriages, poor health, poverty, child abuse, and human rights abuse, and unemployment, lack of career guidance, inadequate information and poor livelihood. OAF started its operations by doing ground research on issues deteriorating society in the poor suburbs regionally.

Aims and Objectives

To promote the need for children and people with disabilities (PWDs) empowerment for a sustainable community and help them cope up with life challenges through leading by example, fighting injustices, advocacy for adequate education and volunteer training.

To advocate youth inclusion and campaign for better employment, social and health services, sensitizations and spread of information that is geared towards reduction of poverty through supportive programs and health-related assistance towards HIV/AIDs STDs, Sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR) in schools and communities.

To ensure environmental protection and sustainability through research, social media awareness, and community outreach programs.

To promote an integrated youth and women participation in social and economic avenues leading to improved livelihoods and sustainable community development with emphasis on environmental protection and climate.

Our Vision

To have a resilient, empowered, harmonious and self-sustaining community where no individual is ostracised or made to feel like an outcast.

Our Mission

Inspiring Children, Women, Youth, People With Disabilities (PWD’s) and communities through activism for positive social change, equal opportunities and environmental protection.

Our Core Values

OAF core values are accountability, competence, reliability, result oriented, transparency, integrity and good relations .

OAF Slogan

 “Amplifying voices, enriching communities”

OAF Logo

Our Primary Colors

The color is associated to the higher class society, Our Mission is to END POVERTY through Inspiring & Empowering our Marginalized Communities to pursue their dreams.

Encouragement; A Symbolic Of Strength And Endurance.

OAF Symbol

Marginalized Groups-Female, Male and People With Disabilities, Equal Opportunities and Environmental Protection.

The Big 4 Strategic Focus Areas (SFAS)

OAF seeks to strategically implement activities under the following thematic areas in line with policies of the Republic of Uganda and the Global Sustainable Development Goals. We are involved in both emergency and development programs. In emergency we focus on human rights abuse ,climate calamities and refugees. Working with the vulnerable communities, our long term BIG 4 strategic priorities (4 SFA’s) that support Emergencies and Development programs in Uganda are below;

SFA 1: Advocating & Providing Socio-Economic Solutions to Ending Poverty & Hunger

OAF is actively involved in enhancing the lives of the poor by creating awareness, advocacy and programs in communities to take lead in accessing skills development programs and urging young people to take center stage in advocating for equal rights and opportunities. We believe in Social Entrepreneurship, Import Substitution & Value Addition as solutions to Poverty & Hunger in Uganda and the continent.

SFA 2: Advocacy and Programs for Climate Change and Sustainability of Nature

 With the Increasing Global Climate Change, we believe that our young generation can start and lead protection of our Climate and environment.
OAF provides a platform for Community and Nationwide involvement in Climate Change advocacy through organizing activities, events and campaigns for Climate & Nature Protection.

SFA 3: Recognizing Gender Equality for a Sustainable World

Increasing community participation and involvement to promoting women inclusion and awareness on the benefits of advocating for social equality, gender parity and equal opportunities.
OAF provides a platform for inclusion of women through trainings and engagements of local leaders and the communities reporting Gender-Based Violence (GBV), rape, domestic violence, and issues surrounding sexual reproductive health (SRH).

SFA 4: Solutions & Advocacy for Inclusive, Equitable Quality Education

Improve and provide information to teachers, parents, children and the communities on the benefits of educating boys and girls and its general role in community development through community meetings and gatherings, career guidance in schools, radio talk shows and develop programs for educational sector With the current impact of the COVID 19 pandemic to the education sector, OAF_UG will deliver solutions through research, innovation, advocacy & programs for the plight of marginalized Ugandans.

Our Collaborations and Networks

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