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Juzza Lorry 2nd Edition: Fill The Lorry For The Mothers And Children In Busowobi Health Centre III, Iganga District

Juzza Lorry 2nd Edition: Fill the Lorry for the mothers and children in Busowobi Health Centre III, Iganga District

Busowobi Health Centre III is located in Iganga District. The Health Centre like many other health centres across the country is faced with inadequate maternal health care equipment and professional services.

This 2nd Edition of the Juzza Lorry Campaign Initiative will take place in the remote health centers in Iganga District, Busoga sub-region.

‘Juzza Lorry’ is luganda diction for ‘Fill the Lorry’. This fundraising drive is a local philanthropy initiative meant to transform the mindsets of Ugandans to Share Togetherness with their fellow vulnerable Ugandans.

Uganda has the youngest population in the world, with majority of its population being youth and particularly children below 18 years. Maternal survival in Uganda is however very low.

Although Uganda has registered tremendous progress in the health sector, maternal and child health continues to pose formidable challenges for the entire country. But in Busoga sub-region, the situation is even worse compared to national averages.

For instance, national neonatal mortality stands at 27 deaths per 1,000 live births but in the Busoga region, it is 28 deaths per 1000 live births. The average national infant mortality is 43 deaths per 1000 live births birth, while in the Busoga region it is 53 deaths out of 1000 live births. Regarding maternal health, figures indicate that while 336 mothers out of 100,000 live births die annually due to childbirth complications, for Busoga sub-region, the figure is 448 mothers.

Estimated 25% of mothers who die in Busoga sub-region from bleeding complications occasioned by long distance journeys to health facilities, inadequate health worker skills and shortages in commodities to manage bleeding.

We have therefore put our emphasis on sharing togetherness with the New Born Children & their mothers in Busoga Region especially at a time when delivery of essential health services has been derailed by the COVID-19 outbreak by creating a fundraising drive to provide equipment to help the maternal health care in Busoga including;

Besides the Equipment we intend to improve home care practices (diet education) and also distribute early childhood and maternal health items including supplementary food items.

“Outcast Activists Forum as a youth led organization that stands for the amplifying the voices & enriching the lives in this case for the already marginalized group has come up with a project dubbed “Juzza Lorry campaign. The campaign focuses on engaging relevant development partners, corporate companies, volunteers, and general public on how we can support. Last year we fundraising support for over 1,000 refugees in Imvepi camp during the COVID 19 lock down, we provided them with basic items to enrich their livelihoods’, Says Mr. Okino Joshua, Executive Director, OAF Uganda.

Our Purpose

The campaign aims to meet the maternal health needs of the mothers and children in Busowobi health centre, Iganga District.

Through collection of donations of any kind from the general public focusing on medical equipment, individual household forms of assistance/donations and engagement with other development partners and private companies in addressing other needs on non-cash sector interventions; such as access to services.

Given that the COVID-19 crisis has been very harsh for every individual but most predominantly to the adolescents, teenage mothers, mothers & children, this campaign will be a platform to reach out to this vulnerable community in Busowobi, Iganga Districtduring the festive season of giving in December.

 The campaign will also focus on further identification of persisting bottlenecks and revise practices related to more integration with our partners, government, and other donor community to achieve sustainable programs.

To contribute

Bank Account (Equity Bank): 1001101437030

Mobile Money: +256 751 776 661/ +256 774 753 603

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