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Demystifying  Period Poverty Around Kampala Slums, Uganda.

Demystifying Period poverty around Kampala Slums, Uganda.

It has been a great year so far, we wish you more life and good health.
We spent most of the previous months working on the strategic overview of the organization. It is with pleasure that we have started work officially serving the poor of the poorest communities.
As a network of Young Activists and Philanthropists, we cherish every step and action that drives sustainable positive change in vulnerable communities.
Over the past few years since our inception, we have taken the life and livelihoods of women, girls, Pwds, and all other vulnerable groups with great regard.
Except for the challenges brought about by Covid-19, poor communities in the Urban and Rural centers continue to face a myriad of problems including Unemployment, Hunger, Climate Change, and many more social havoc.
It is behind this background that we have always strived to rally behind interventions that can possibly and innovatively extricate the life and livelihoods of our people.
Uganda’s  Ministry of Education reported that, as of 2019, nearly one in every four Ugandan girls between ages 12 to 18 will drop out of school once they begin menstruating. For those who do attend school, girls’ absence rates triple from 7% to 28% during their periods. This highly provokes us to wake up every single day to think about these young potential women. In abid we rolled out a campaign to mobilize reusable pads from across our supporters to donate to this cause with a lot of focus to The Girls living in absolute poverty in the slums of Kampala.
If we are to create an environment that nurtures inclusive growth and development, we shall need to activate the potential of not only women but real women! – @OAF_ug
Would you love to support us or have a few questions, oh yes we are always ready to interact and answer you! Together we can work together and amplify many of the vulnerable. It starts with us!
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