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Help Single Mothers In Kampala Weather The Covid-19 Storm.

Help single mothers in Kampala weather the Covid-19 storm.

The project aims to support female-headed households which have been reported as one of the most vulnerable families during this crisis.
The government has identified single mothers in Kampala City among the four categories of vulnerable persons eligible for Covid-19 cash grants.
However, an average of Shs6,000 daily spend is not enough to support a family in need. Indeed, the Covid-19 cash grants organized by the government appears inadequate given the severity of the impacts of the crisis on single women-led households in a context of substantial loss of income, limited other financial support, important care responsibilities and the significant emotional toll the crisis took on women as the e areas of southern Kampala district are characterized with people living in high poverty and poor living conditions.

We know that COVID-19 is impacting many aspects of human lives globally but if you feel financially able to support this OAF project to provide a safety net to 120 families in need through these unprecedented times, please donate as much as you’re comfortable with to help disadvantaged women-led households in Uganda protect themselves and their family.

Thanks in advance and we will keep you updated on the latest as soon as the first package are distributed in the community!

Use of Funds

Your donation will be used to provide a COVID Resilience and Response Care Package to for 120 families living in Kampala Central – Kawempe Division.
This will include an assortment of basic items. A typical package will be composed of the following items:

Washable Masks
5 kg of Maize Flour
1 Littre of Cooking Oil
1 Soap bar
1 Sanitizers
1 kg of Salt
1 kg of Sugar
Sanitary Pads
2 kg of Beans

Every donation counts and will contribute to increasing a woman-headed household wellbeing throughout the covid-19 storm!

Delivering these basic items to individual households requires not only supplies but also staff time, and transportation costs.

Shs 155,000 (£31.87) could help secure the food items for one package and prevent one family to worry about putting food on the table for at least 5 weeks.

Shs 168,500 (£34.64) could fund the supply and delivery of a full care package including food and basic hygiene items. for one family.

Shs 842,500 (£173.23) could cover supply and delivery of parcels for 5 families.

OAF Impact Since March 2020

In partnership with The Indian Women Association, Care for Us Uganda, Amariatek life Coaching and Community Empowerment for Transformation Action -West Nile, OAF mobilized and collected basic needs items from the public to support the Refugee community at Imvepi Refugee Settlement in December 2020. Juzza Lorry Campaign Initiative (1st edition) was executed and reached about 3000 beneficiaries who received at least one item.
OAF organised the Covid-19 & Early Childhood Development Project to support early child education during the crisis. Holiday packages were distributed to more than 20 children in needs.
Our target is to reach as many more families as possible during the current lock-down in Uganda.

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