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Outcast Activists Forum (OAF)

” Voice of the Voiceless “

Outcast Activists Forum (OAF) was founded by a group of like minded young people with an aim to bring about a positive social change through empowering the community in the fight for gender equality, youth inclusion on the issues of social justice, women empowerment, the fight against poverty, unemployment , teenage marriages and pregnancies, address human rights related abuses and revive the need for girl –boy child education and combat drug abuse and alcoholism.

Our Vision

To have a resilient, empowered, and self-sustaining community through advocacy and engagements on the rights of Children, Women, Youth, and People With Disabilities (PWD’s).

Our Mission

Inspiring Children, Women, Youth, People With Disabilities (PWD’s) and communities through activism for positive social change, equal opportunities and environmental protection.

Core Values

        • Accountability
        • Competent
        • Reliable
        • Result Oriented
        • Good Relations
        • Integrity

Our Collaborations and Networks

Change depends on ordinary people who have the courage to say, ‘Enough is enough and no more.’

– Mahatma Gandhi

Recent News and Events

The latest news and events from whats trending.

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