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Report On Juzza Lorry Initiative Campaign Share Togetherness For The Refugees

Report On Juzza Lorry Initiative Campaign Share Togetherness For The Refugees


Imvepi refugee settlement camp is in the north-eastern part of Terego District. The camp covers parts of Lugbari and Imvepi parishes in Odupi Sub-county, Terego District West Nile Region Uganda.

 Imvepi accommodates approximately 57748 refugees most from South Sudan with 85% being women and children, 3% elderly, 21% youths, with women alone constituting 53% making them the majority at the settlement.

It is one of the newest refugee settlements, formed in 2017 and it is basically a rural area which predominantly relies on agriculture as an economic activity.

Because of the interventions of development partners, the refugees have been encouraged to engage in, civil society organizations, corporate bodies and other development partners.


The campaign aims to meet the basic needs of the Refugee community at Imvepi Refugee Settlement.

Through collection of donations of any kind from the general public focusing on individual household forms of assistance/donations and engagement with other development partners and private companies in addressing other needs on non-cash sector interventions; such as access to services.

Given that the COVID-19 crisis has been very harsh for every individual but most predominantly to the refugees, this campaign will be a platform to reach out to the refugees at Imvepi refugee settlement “especially during the festive season of giving in December”

 The campaign will also focus on further identification of persisting bottlenecks and revise practices related to more integration with our partners, government and other donor community to achieve sustainable programs.


  • Understand and identify the impacts, challenges of COVID-19 pandemic to the refugee community of Imvepi and come up with more sustainable solutions to these challenges using integrated community based programs with our partners and other donor community to achieve sustainable programs.

Identify inclusive areas and approaches towards the refugee community resilience linking the grass root level with the levels with the national, regional and global initiatives.


  • Refugee community of Imvepi mobilization and inclusive approach (PWDs, Women, Children etc.)
  • Provision of healthcare services such as contraceptives, HIV testing and counseling, blood donation drive.
  • Advocacy, Awareness and Accountability
  • Provision of sanitary pads to the Girl-child
  • Counseling on drug abuse and gambling
  • Music, art, performance for the refugee community.


Outcast Activists Forum on this first edition of the annual event partnered with

The Indian Women Association, Care for Us Uganda, Amariatek life Coaching and Community Empowerment for Transformation Action -West Nile.

This collaboration greatly assisted in the mobilization and collection of the items from the general ,soliciting of transportation and facilitation of the trip to the camp, accommodation, meals, fuel and allowance for the team that spearheaded the donation and further oversaw and witnessed the donation.

 Download the full report here

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